Alfalfa - Agrochance Commerce

Agrochance Commerce grows 10,000 hectars of alfalfa. Nearly 50% of our alfalfa is organic production, which shows that for us the future of fodder crops as well as the food products must be oriented towards organic production.

Our alfalfa is distinguished by excellent quality indicators, thanks to the high quality seeds and the American technology which we use to dry our production. Thanks to the special hot air dryers we manage to preserve all the valuable leaves of the plant, which takes the nutritional indicators – protein and nutritional values at their highest level. Also the color is densely green and the pleasant smell of fresh alfalfa is preserved.

Our alfalfa is distinguished by its excellent quality indicators. Because of that our partners in Bulgaria and abroad rely on us to achieve the highest results in their sphere – milk production or equestrian sports.

Each customer who has started working with our alfalfa remains pleased and continues to work with us, which is the greatest proof for the quality of our products.